Mar 062014
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Stolberg and Olivet students release salmon fry into the Red Cedar River

On February 27th, Russ Stolberg, a GK-12 partner teacher from Olivet Middle School, was awarded the 2013 Educator of the Year award from the Calhoun Conservation District at their annual meeting held at FireKeeper’s Casino Hotel. This past year, Russ partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to bring the “Salmon in the Classroom” program in his 8th grade Earth Science classes where students helped rear almost 100 King salmon throughout the school year. This project culminated in a student led fish release into the Red Cedar at Michigan State University where Michigan DNR and MSU Fisheries and Wildlife representatives spoke with students about what life after release would be like for the salmon, including discussing river ecology and identifying aquatic invertebrates. Russ also has a strong partnership with the Calhoun Conservation District, this year they provided the 8th grade class with hundreds of saplings that students were encouraged to plant at home as carbon offsets. Russ is also an active member of the KBS GK-12 program and within the classroom he actively fosters an inquiry-based environment through bringing in hands-on labs, carbon time activities, and Data Nuggets. Congratulations Russ!


– Story by GK-12 Fellow Jake Nalley