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Prior GK-12 project —

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Stories about our project:

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology: Nest Watch. Nest Watch inspires 5th graders. inspired/ June 2014. Story by GK-12 partner-teacher Mary Grintals about her classes’ participation in the Cornell Nest Watch program with the help of GK-12 Fellow Cara Krieg.

Comstock Communicator (school district newsletter). Comstock STEM Academy 5th Graders are Citizen Scientists. May 2014. Story by GK-12 partner-teacher Mary Grintals about GK-12 Fellow Cara Kriegs’ involvement in special bird- related classroom projects. PDF HERE.

MSU’s Grad. at a Glance profiled the research of Cara Krieg, GK-12 Fellow. March 24, 2014. The link to the online news story is here:

Krasean, B. 2013. Students at Southwest Michigan schools helping Kellogg Biological Station with sustainable biofuel research. The Kalamazoo Gazette. October 23. Article available here.

WKAR (PBS and NPR affiliate of MSU) radio show featuring an interview with PI Tom Getty. 2013. program-featured-on-wkar-radio/

November 21, 2013. Gobles Public Schools STEM academy announcement. KBS GK-12 was recognized in a public assembly with Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, Representative Aric Nesbitt, Senator John Proos, and school leaders. Press release here: partnership-recognized-at-gobles-stem-assembly/

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 Prior GK-12 project–

3/08. Lawton Community Schools Newsletter. Read about the work of GK-12 Fellow Lauren Kinsman and her partner teachers Sue Zygadlo and Marcia Angle

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