Materials from our K-12 Partnership Workshops:


April 15: Inferring Function from Form

    • Plenary: Dr. Ryan Bebej from Calvin College. Walking with whales: the origin and evolution of cetaceans
      • Powerpoint slides HERE.
    • Materials from Concurrent Sessions:
      • Cheryl Hach’s Speak Up! Incorporating discourse into your life science classroom.
      • Tom Schaefer’s Hookeing up with the Microscope.
        • Follow THIS LINK to: 1) go to a ‘Light Box’ with instructions as to how to acheive Darkfield micrsocopy inexpensively on a Brightfield microscope, 2) JOIN a special webinar for K-12 partnership participants only!


November 12: Coevolution and Crosscutting concepts

    • Anne-Marie Hoskinson. Ping Pong, Zombies, and Influenza: Let’s Build a Model!

      • Follow-up document from the session that outlines how to make a prediction from a model.
    • Matt Rowe, plenary speaker. Ground squirrels, rattlesnakes, and burrowing owls: the legend of the “happy family”?

 Summer Institute – June 23-25

    • Science and Decision Making: How do we support our students in understanding complex socio-scientific issues in the media? PDF of session presentation by Hannah Miller and Andy Anderson.


November 13: Integrating Water Cycling and Ecosystems

March 21:


  • Dec. 5: Joe Dauer’s slides pdf
  • October 3: Steve Hamilton’s slides pdf
  • Summer Institute: Julie Doll’s slides pdf


  • October 5:
    • Tammy Long’s slides pdf
    • Tom Getty’s State of the Plot slides pdf

Important KBS GK-12 Documents:

2013 GK-12 Fellow Application and Agreement

2012 GK-12 Partner Teacher Application and Agreement

Fellow Orientation Materials:

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