Jul 292011

DataNuggetsExercises in Evidence-Based Claims and Graphing

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Data Nuggets bring current research into the classroom, giving students the chance to work with real data – and all its complexities. Data Nuggets are activities designed to give students practice interpreting quantitative information and make claims based on evidence. The standard format of each Data Nugget provides a brief background to a researcher and their study system, along with a small, manageable dataset. Students are then challenged to answer a scientific question, using the dataset to support their claim, and are guided through the construction of graphs to facilitate data interpretation. Graphing and content levels allow for differentiated learning for students with any science, math, or reading background. Because of their simplicity and flexibility, Data Nuggets can be used across grades and throughout the school year as students build their quantitative skills.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding these Data Nuggets please e-mail Liz Schultheis at eschultheis@gmail.com