Aug 102012

In this lesson, students will explore the basic living requirements of algae (aka phytoplankton) through hands-on experience and an interactive game. We will investigate what algal biofuels are, how they are made, where they can grow, and, most importantly, why this topic should be investigated.  The lesson is constructed with 2 short presentations, an optional water sampling event, identification of common phytoplankton, and a team outdoor game.




At the conclusion of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Explain what phytoplankton are and what they “consume”
  • Gain compound microscopy experience
  • Identify some common phytoplankton species
  • Explain the importance of bioenergy in contrast to fossil fuels
  • Describe the benefits of biodiversity, and define community ecology
  • Be excited about microorganisms


This lesson was created by KBS GK-12 Fellow Jakob Nalley