Aug 092013

2008-03-29_saved-rainforest-in-brazil1Photo Credit: SUNY JCC

Habitat fragmentation is visible all over Michigan. Roads, lawns, buildings, farmland, and other changes in habitat have turned our state, and most others, into a huge patchwork quilt of ecotypes. Unfortunately, the lines between those quilt squares and the small size of those patches has had a huge impact on the wildlife that call Michigan home. Come join us for a session of active games and prizes. You can really see what impacts fragmentation has by putting yourself in the shoes of the critters dealing with the changes we make. Weather permitting we will head outside for some fun, so come dressed for the chill in the air and be prepared to get active and have fun!

At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Explain how habitat fragmentation can influence the survival and reproduction of two competing species
  • Describe the recent, 400 year history of land use change in the Great Lakes Region
  • Identify causes and consequences of land use change and habitat fragmentation
  • Understand why it is difficult for small populations to survive
  • Identify some key endangered species in Michigan


Lesson Plan

Species cards

Game rules

Student datasheet/worksheet

Lesson created by Brook Wilke