Aug 152013


Waste generation in the U.S. is an enormous problem, as 230 million tons of trash is generated each year. Students must begin to learn about these issues because natural resource depletion and environmental degradation may directly affect their lives in the future. This lesson is designed to get students thinking about how to cut waste in their own lives. They will draw pictures of the Earth in 100 years under two different scenarios. They will also list some ways that the school and families at home can reduce waste, which will be posted in the school hallway. Students should come away from the lesson with a positive outlook, that waste generation can be significantly cut, which will benefit everyone in the world.

At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Understand that an immense amount of waste is generated in the US
  • Identify ways that they can reduce consumption and reuse or recycle waste
  • Predict what will happen in 200 years if nothing is done to control consumption and waste generation
  • Know how to begin or enhance the recycling program at their school and homes


Lesson Plan

Lesson created by Brook Wilke