KBS GK-12 Fellow-Produced Lessons

KBS GK-12 Fellows spend at least a year in the classroom of a KBS K-12 Partnership Partner Teacher. Over the course of the year they design and present lessons to students in their partner classes with guidance from their partner teachers, and present concurrent sessions to teachers at our KBS K-12 Partnership school-year workshops. Below you’ll find some of our favorite fellow-produced lessons. They may be related to fellow research, based on a suggestion or request made by one of our partner teachers, or produced for use on our BEST Research Network schoolyard plots. Enjoy and feel free to contact the fellow who designed the lesson with further questions and for lesson-related materials – you can find their contact information here.

Our KBS GK-12 BEST Research Network Binder Materials are available here.

Lessons Related to Fellow Research


Mutualism in Action. Lesson Plan, Handout, Assessment

What Happened to My Apples? Lesson Plan, Field Data Sheet, Powerpoint, Pollinator Data Sheet

Survivor: How do mutations and invasions affect populations? Lesson Plan

Sounds of Selection. Lesson Plan

N2O: It’s No Laughing Matter! Lesson Plan, Data Nugget, Power Point, Follow-up Activity


Invasive Species Game Lesson Plan

Who wants to fish for bass that won’t take the baitLesson Plan

Do herbivores prefer local or exotic foods? Lesson PlanHandout

The Marvels of Mud. Lesson Plan

Survivor: Who will be the best competitor? Lesson Plan

Lessons from Our Work in the Classroom

Forest Walk (a field trip idea!) Scavenger HuntForest Walk 5-27-11Tree identificationTracks Identification

BEST Research Network Lessons

The what, how, and why of Bioenergy Lesson Plan

Biotic Resistance – What can stop invasive species Lesson PlanWorksheet

How do we classify living things? Learning to make dichotomous keys and trees Lesson PlanWorksheet