Sep 152013

Monarch Photo - Lisa Stelzner

NGSS are about the art of teaching rather than just content expectations.  In this lesson, we will teach an ecology lesson about biodiversity this particular way.

Biodiversity is discussed in many objectives ranging from genetic variation, ecosystem dynamics, functioning and resilience, to interdependent relationships in habitats.  We will capture insects, an activity related to the BEST plots biodiversity protocol, as a vehicle to discuss differences in biodiversity among natural and disturbed habitats.  A follow up discussion in Landscape Restoration can be included.

At the conclusion of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Define ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Design and carry out standardized protocols for conducting biological surveys
  • Use a simple dichotomous key to identify organisms
  • Graph data and interpret results


Lesson Plan created by GK-12 Fellow Dani Fegan and Partner-Teacher Marty Buehler, 2013